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People are what make organizations successful.  Even with all of the great procedures, ideas, and partners, if the individuals are not performing to peak satisfaction and capability, the team, and the business will suffer.  Coaching offers that direct one-on-one opportunity to help someone develop their own solutions, their own style in a way that aligns with the organization.  As a certified Coach, I help people achieve their personal visions for success.

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Working across borders is a challenge.  Moving away from your comfort zone toward the unknown – from behaviors, to social norms, to business etiquette, learning how to build trust and break barriers while remaining authentic can be downright exhausting.  Working with a coach can help to quell the fears, find the exciting, and make the most of the journey into being a global citizen.

Leadership Skills

When an individual contributor becomes a leader, she has to create her style and adjust to her new role.  Instead of being responsible for her own output, she has responsibility for others.  How does she motivate, inspire, and challenge her team, while delivering results and developing others?  No easy feat, but with a coach to support, she can find her authentic style that achieves the best results.

Performance Improvement

Understanding the “what” and the “how” of great performers can help an individual to determine what it takes to go from good to great.  Working with a coach over several sessions can help an individual to improve their gaps and continue on their path to greatness.

Time Management

When it comes to time, there is never enough of it… but maybe it’s not that there isn’t enough time, maybe it is how we prioritize time that should be considered.  Working with a coach and some accountability tools can help restructure how we use time to our advantage.

Career Development

Many times people are looking for a change, but they can’t define what that change looks like.  Working with a coach 1x1 for several sessions can help an individual find the role that will inspire and motivate him to be his best self.

So what does Rita offer?

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