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Consulting Services

I believe in a hands on approach, targeting the specific needs of the organization.  I treat each client as if I’m a shareholder - my goal is to show you how you can achieve greatness!

What Rita offers:


  • Organization design, implementation and integration

  • Growth strategies and market analysis

  • Strategic advising

  • Cross-market Challenges

  • Entrepreneurial Consulting

  • CEO whispering 

  • Purchasing strategies

  • Change Management

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People are what make organizations successful.  Even with all of the great procedures, ideas, and partners, if the individuals are not performing to peak satisfaction and capability, the team, and the business will suffer.  Coaching offers that direct one-on-one opportunity to help someone develop their own solutions, their own style in a way that aligns with the organization.  As a certified Coach, I help people achieve their personal visions for success.

 What Rita offers:

  • Cross-culture

  • Leadership skills

  • Performance improvement

  • Time management

  • Career development

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Working directly with the teams to understand their challenges across a variety of areas enables the creation of bespoke workshops and training that will improve business performance and help the company operate better, smarter, and faster.


So what does Rita offer?

  • Organization strategic planning​

  • Organization effectiveness

  • Effective communication

  • Leadership Skills

  • Effective Time Management

  • OKR Introduction

  • OKR Development

  • Purchasing Strategy

  • Bespoke training as needed

  • Change Management

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