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Working directly with the teams to understand their challenges across a variety of areas enables the creation of bespoke workshops and training that will improve business performance and help the company operate better, smarter, and faster.

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So what does Rita offer?

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Organization Strategic Planning

Aligning on the vision, mission, and key priorities for the organization ensures that everyone is working toward the same overall goals.  This 1-2 day workshop will ensure the strategic priorities of the organization are clear and driving the team’s focus

Organization Effectiveness

It is important to take time to work ON our business, not IN our business – to ensure that we have the right focus and right alignment between the work we do and the strategic vision.  This 3-5 day workshop analyzes the work the team is doing to understand where the gaps are and what steps can be taken to help the organization operate more efficiently and effectively

Effective Communication

In today’s global work environment, we often find ourselves working with people we have never met.  This ½ day training provides tools to improve relationships, eliminate confusion, and create trusted partnerships

Leadership Skills

Ask 10 people what word they associate with leadership, and you’ll get 10 different answers.  The result is a confusing mess of expectations that a leader should be all things to all people.  During this 2-day training we will explore the leadership skills your company values most, and design a culture program around those.

Effective Time Management

This ½ day training teaches methods for making the most of your time; including some accountability hacks, and expectation-setting tools.

OKR Introduction

 In this ½ day training session, the team is introduced to the concept of OKRs, the pitfalls, and the strategies for success.  

OKR Development

In this series of workshops, the team can set their Objectives and the measurable Key Results that will move the company forward.  It incorporates an in-depth OKR training and tracking tools, as well as progress reviews.

Purchasing Strategy

Creating Win-Win relationships are at the core of negotiations, and are vital for strong purchasing strategies.  This 1-day workshop helps buyers to see why looking beyond the current order is always to their benefit, and provides some guidelines for how to build successful buying relationships.

Bespoke Training As Needed

Workshops/training can be tailored to address current pain points, visions of success, or strategic initiatives.  Sometimes, a fresh set of eyes and a new perspective can provide the motivation and idea generation needed to get things flowing again.

Change Management

This ongoing series of workshop focuses on creating the plan for delivering a sustainable critical change to the organization, and checking the progress at regular intervals.  Through this accountability measure, any hurdles can be addressed, modifications managed, and key results measured.

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